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Proxmox 2.3: nuevo sistema de backup

06/03/2013, 13:26
Eso es lo que me confunde: para OpenVZ pienso que debería ser más fácil ...
aunque seguramente me equivoque.

06/03/2013, 12:04
Eso parece pero sólo para contenedores KVM, no habla nada de OpenVZ...

06/03/2013, 09:14
Starting with V2.3, a new KVM live backup technology is introduced to Proxmox VE. The old backup system for KVM guests was using LVM snapshots which was working great in most situations. But it was not working if you store VM images on NFS, iSCSI LUN, Ceph RBD or Sheepdog. The new KVM live backup is targeted to work for all storage types and eliminates the need for special LVM configurations with enough snapshot space by avoiding the use of temporary storage. It is also very fast and effective because the new backup format is optimized for storing VM backups (sparse files, out of order data, minimized IO).
¿Esto quiere decir que se acabó el necesitar espacio libre en el LVM?