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no puedo acceder con x2go a mi server, así por las buenas

28/03/2014, 13:23
Solucion aqui

16/03/2014, 23:49
tengo SYS con ubuntun 10.4 +x2go instalado y derrepente no me deja entra al servidor por x2go

Info: Proxy running in client mode with pid '8050'.
Session: Starting session at 'Sun Mar 16 16:11:17 2014'.
Info: Connecting to remote host 'localhost:31007'.
Info: Connection to remote proxy 'localhost:31007' established.
Info: Connection with remote proxy completed.
Warning: Unrecognized session type 'unix-kde-depth_32'. Assuming agent session.
Warning: Failed to read data from the X auth command.
Warning: Generated a fake cookie for X authentication.
Info: Using ADSL link parameters 512/24/1/0.
Info: Using cache parameters 4/4096KB/8192KB/8192KB.
Info: Using pack method '16m-jpeg-9' with session 'unix-kde-depth_32'.
Info: Using ZLIB data compression 1/1/32.
Info: Using ZLIB stream compression 4/4.
Info: No suitable cache file found.
Info: Forwarding X11 connections to display '/tmp/launch-HAXeq9/org.macosforge.xquartz:0'.
Session: Session started at 'Sun Mar 16 16:11:21 2014'.
Warning: Cookie mismatch in the X authentication data.
Session: Terminating session at 'Sun Mar 16 16:11:24 2014'.
Info: Your session was closed before reaching a usable state.
Info: This can be due to the local X server refusing access to the client.
Info: Please check authorization provided by the remote X application.
Session: Session terminated at 'Sun Mar 16 16:11:24 2014'.
si que tengo acceso por ssh puty y ftp y eso me extraña

es posible instalar por ssh otro programa para acceder al server que no sea x2GO ?