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100 domains for free !
15/09/2008, 23:30
Hi There,
Ovh will reach 1'000'000 domains as "registrar". 1'000'000 !!
It should arrive before October. That is why, we are very happy
and we decided to be crazy ! Let's be crazy !! Hmm ... Let's
offer the domains for free ! If you don't know what is the domains,
if you want to test the domains, if you don't know Ovh, if you
want the domains for free, Ovh is the registrar for you

We offer the domains for free !! FOR FREE !!

Ovh proposes you to create 100 domains .es (per customer) for free.
No money ! No payment ! Totally free ! All you have to do is to
make the order. Test it ! you can create 100 domains (10 domains
per order) and you have 0 Euro to pay

We need to check the limit "100 domains per customer". That is
why your account has to checked with a code which is sent with
a letter. When you receive the letter (24/48 hours), you valid
the code then your order is accepted and we create your domains
for free. Then you can create 100 domains for free !!

If you want more that 100 domains .es in September, you will need
to pay. How much ? 1Euro/domain ! Hahahah 1Euro per domains !!

Next year, if you want to renew your domains, you domain will cost
5.99Euro. If you don't want to renew, well, don't renew. If you
want to transfer, well transfer it. You do what you want !

Easy, quick and for free !

Let's be crazy !