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Do you
20/11/2008, 17:02
Hi There,
Do you prefer this version ?

As you can see, we have the "old" Standard and Premium bandwidth.
No changes (from September):
- standard: no garanteed 100Mbps (you have now all informations
about what, when, how and why)
- premium: 100Mbps/infrastructure (alias 101Mbps/customer)
more about premium (alias how to get more that 100Mbps):
No extra payement if you make the extra, but the OVH/Internet (transit)
bandwidth isn't garanteed if you make the extra.

It's the exactly the same offert. .

You have 2 new bandwidth strategy:
- GB/month with an extra payement if you make the extra
- Burstable: no extra payement if you make the extra and
you have garanteed bandwidth OVH/Internet (transit + peering)

And you have the unmetered bandwidth per server: 100,200,300,1Gbps
with 100Mbps garanteed per transit link:

In 2-3 days you will be able:
- to order the unmetered bandwidth for each server (only for PRO)
- switch from Standard to GB/mo or Burstable and from GB/mo to
Burstable or Standard and from Burstable to GB/mo and Standard
(the same with Premium)

Do you have the new questions ?