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Mover spam a carpeta Basura de RoundCube

11/11/2009, 21:51
Se puede hacer que se muevan directamente los email marcados con spamassasin a la carpeta basura?? desde webmin he visto esto, pero no se muy bien cómo funcionan las opciones....

Procmail Spam Delivery

The form can be used to change the Procmail configuration that determines what happens to messages classified as spam.

Action for messages classified as spam
Throw away
Deliver normally
Append to mbox-format mail file ..
Append to Qmail-style mail directory ..
Append to MH-style mail directory ..
Forward to email address
The variable $HOME can be used in the paths above, which will be replaced with the home directory of the user receiving email.

All messages processed by SpamAssassin will have the X-Spam headers set, so that they can be further filtered by mail clients.
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